1. Cape Cod, 1972

    Harry Callahan 

  3. miss-catastrofes-naturales:

    Michael Hummel

    A Quarter of Mystery might be enough +

    (via miamou)

  4. Multiple Exposure Tree, Chicago, 1956

    Harry Callahan


  6. de-salva:

    TINGVALL TRIO - Heligt

    Alb. “Beat” (2014.)


    Martin Tingvall - piano
    Jürgen Spiegel - drums & percussion
    Omar Rodriguez Calvo - double bass

  7. (Source: livaniana)

  9. Marcia Lippman at the Center for Alternative Photography

  11. dada4you:

    Marcia Lippman

  12. livaniana:

    Cloud dragon,
    soft blue,
    sleeping on the breeze;
    Cloud dragon,
    dawn gold,
    high above the trees.
    Your tail can knock down mountains,
    a rainbow is your tongue;
    Cloud dragon,
    pearl white,
    following the sun.


  13. de-salva:

    Abandoned Town (Craco, Matera, Basilicata, Italy)

  14. Bill Frisell - Live at Montreal Jazz Festival 2002

  15. spellbindingmusic:

    Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze: Amanké Dionti

    (Source: spellbindingmusic.com)