1. Carol Prusa

    Entanglement: a visual expression of worlds within worlds

    Building on the metaphor of the “dome of heaven” as a visual container for what we know, this body of work consists of painted three-dimensional acrylic hemispheres ranging from bowl-sized to five feet in diameter. The dome paintings are a visual embodiment – a download of sorts – of what it feels like to be alive while in conversation with contested cosmologies. The global culture of science in the twentieth century has led me to respond to “advances” that describe our world and our place in it. Like scientists, I am interested in envisioning the governing theories of our universe although I skeptically critique claims of complete knowledge (truth) and embrace relativity and mystery. As astronomers make educated guesses about a “dark” energy, I too contemplate the fate of the universe and my own uncertainty and discontinuity. Contemplating the limitless magnitude of the universe through the lawlessness of the imagination fills my mind with, as Edmund Burke said thoughts of infinity did his, “a sort of delightful horror.” Yielding to intuition, my newest work, “Entanglement,” uses the “heavenly canopy” of my collected, unified and illuminated world expressed on the exterior of the dome, to cradle other possibilities inside. Because of the immateriality and potential complexity of light and video, I have utilized magnifying optics to visually expand the expression of space within and reveal a video projecting inside the dome.
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