1. Fragments Of Life
    Marta Orlowska

  2. International Day of Symbiosis
    Mehrdad Zaeri

  3. sketchbooks/a18
    Mehrdad Zaeri

  5. Sleeping girl
    Mehrdad Zaeri

  6. Naples Italy 1958
    Leonard Freed

  7. Mark Seliger from Listen

  8. Das Rendezvous der Katzen
    Edouard Manet

  9. Portrait of the Artist with Cat, Jimmy Wright

  10. Daniel Avasilichioaei


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    A zoologist who observed gorillas in their native habitat was amazed by the uniformity of their life and their vast idleness. Hours and hours without doing anything. Was boredom unknown to them? This is indeed a question raised by a human, a busy ape. Far from fleeing monotony, animals crave it, and what they most dread is to see it end. For it ends, only to be replaced by fear, the cause of all activity. Inaction is divine; yet it is against inaction that man has rebelled. Man alone, in nature, is incapable of enduring monotony, man alone wants something to happen at all costs—something, anything…. Thereby he shows himself unworthy of his ancestor: the need for novelty is the characteristic of an alienated gorilla.

    ~ E. M. Cioran