2. Cat in the moonlight, c. 1900

    Théophile Alexandre Steinlen 

  4. Echo - Daphne Descends, 2012

    graphite, watercolor, ink on wood

    Alessia Iannetti

  5. Mad Matters

    Daniel Egnéus

  6. Sketch of Anna Akhmatova, 1911

    Amedeo Modigliani

  8. Crouching Tahitian Woman, 1902

    Paul Gauguin

  9. Sunflower

    Katie DeGroot

  10. Giacomo - Regenbild - Rain Picture, 1985
    Quint Buchholz

  11. The Night Is Full Of Holes, 2009
    Sarah Gillespie

  12. Vassal, 2007
    Robert E. Marx

  13. Love
    Clown Mask

    Federico García Lorca

  14. El Beso/The Kiss, 1927
    Federico García Lorca
    Chinese ink, color pencils and gouache on cardboard 30,3 x 32,7 cm. Colección Francisco Gómez Suárez, Granada

    Dalí and Lorca’s friendship influenced each other’s art. No question about it. For instance, look at this picture that Lorca painted in 1927. What do you see? Two faces. The one underneath is Lorca, the one with the sad eyes, Dalí. Their lips touch.

  15. Horse and Rider, 1568-1615
    Momoyama period. Japan
    Ink and color on paper