1. Salava (crack willow), 1989

    Fujiwo Ishimoto

  3. Horse and Rider, 1568-1615
    Momoyama period. Japan
    Ink and color on paper

  4. Nude in Bath 1968
    Pen and ink on paper
    Constance Stokes

  6. dancing rabbit
    Seth Fitts

  7. Study of a Woman Sitting in an Armchair
    Alphonse Mucha

  8. Portrait of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, 1893
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

  9. Boy Viewing Mount Fuji, 1839
    Katsushika Hokusai, (Japanese, 1760-1849)
    Edo period
    Ink and color on silk


  10. aliasinkhorn:

    Soul Therapy

    Sometimes you can’t cope with life,
    you think there’s nothing you can do.
    The whole world seems to be caving in and burying you.
    All the hatred and the hypocrisy, the punishment of truth,
    the sickness and the cynicism, that strips away your youth.
    If you could find a crack in this faceless wall
    and push your fingers through,
    your hand will touch another hand ‘cause I’m buried here, too.
    Come on! Let’s join up!
    Let’s rise out of this dirt,
    escape from this oppression, this anger and this hurt.
    The ignorance, intolerance, stupidity and lies,
    spreading like a virus and ruining our lives.
    All we need is honesty to push away this night,
    let’s hang on to our innocence and hold each other tight.

    And we could cure ourselves if we believe it’s possible,
    let’s lie down on this couch and make ourselves more comfortable.
    We’ve come to the oasis that we’ve both been searching for,
    so let’s lay down our weapons and forget this stupid war.
    We’ll listen to each other, our wounds will start to heal,
    it’s starting out as role-play, but it ends up being real.

    I heal you,
    if you take care of me.
    And we lose ourselves
    in soul therapy.

    We’ll dive into our deepest fears, delve into our souls,
    we’ll face up to our nightmares until the fear dissolves.
    And when you meet your enemies, I’ll be there by your side,
    from man or god or devil you will never need to hide.
    All we need is honesty to push away the night.
    Let’s hang on to each other,
    let’s hold each other tight.

    I heal you,
    if you take care of me.
    We lose ourselves
    in soul therapy.

    I heal you,
    if you take care of me.
    And we lose ourselves
    in soul therapy.

    And we’ll find ourselves
    in soul therapy.

    Die Toten Hosen Lyrics