1. Kids with Masks in the Tree, New York, c. 1942

    Helen Levitt

  2. "The big sleep". Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. San Francisco, 1989

    Jean Baptiste Carhaix

  3. Mask and model (Gayfield Shaw), 1918

    Harold Cazneaux

  4. Andre Breton, 1930 

    Man Ray

  5. Child with masks at waterfall, 1963

    Ralph Eugene Meatyard

  6. Central Park, NYC, 1962

    Lou Bernstein

  7. Paolo Bisetto Trevisin with Morte mask - Comedy of Double Meaning

    Hiroshi Watanabe

  8. Comedy of Double Meaning (Marta Marchi as Strega / Alvise D’Ambrosi as Capitano)

    Hiroshi Watanabe

  10. Self portrait with mask1958

    Erwin Blumenfeld

  11. Love
    Clown Mask

    Federico García Lorca

  12. Project d’Enseigne pour la Lunetterie “Au Chat Noir”
    Pierre Dubreuil

  13. Unknown author

  14. Mask of Fear [1932]
    Paul Klee

  15. Actor’s Mask [1924]
    Paul Klee