1. Moon and Wall Encrustations, Putneyville, New York, 1964

    Minor White

  2. Model of the Moon, Field Columbian Museum, Chicag , c.1894

  3. First Photograph of the Moon

    This photograph is believed to be John W. Draper’s mirror-reversed daguerreotype of the moon taken from his rooftop observatory at NYC on March 26, 1840

  4. Twilight and Reverie


  5. Night Sky With Moon, 1937

    Sol Prom

  6. Moon series, 2005-2006

    Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson

  7. Moonrise, Convict Lake, 1977

    Al Weber

  9. Where Water and Earth Caress | Full moon over the Chesapeake Bay
    Rebecca Sherman

  11. Last light from Bells Point platform, near Metung, Victoria, 17 June 2008 2008
    Laurence Aberhart

  12. April 2006 - Moon Series
    Jennifer Schlesinger

  13. The full moon rises behind a mosque in Amman, Jordan
    Photograph: Ali Jarekji/Reuters

  14. Moon
    Masao Yamamoto

  15. Celestial Nights