1. Die Straße, 1923

    Karl Grune


    Frank Horvat

  3. Black Out, Bloomsbury, March 1942
    Early Prints from the Collection of the Family
    Bill Brandt

  4. Malostranske namesti,Praha 1938
    Jan Lukas

  5. High Flyer, December 1929: Fox photographer and daredevil R J Salmon dangles in a crate suspended from a crane to take an aerial shot of Fleet Street, London. St Paul’s Cathedral may be seen in the misty background. This picture is taken from the Daily Telegraph building. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

  6. CALITX, 1947
    Leopoldo Pomés

  7. Lock’s St. James Street, London 1962
    Evelyn Hofer

  8. Brownstones: West Side, 1963
    Evelyn Hofer

  9. Brouillard a Paris, 1948

  10. Celebration on Wall Street upon the news of Germany’s surrender in World War I. November 1918
    W.L. Drummond

  11. Sydney Grammar School, College Street, 1903
    Norman C Deck

  12. Piazza del Duomo, Milan, 1946
    Werner Bischof

  14. Cat in the alley
    Fan Ho

  15. Street in Najef